Change Capital Fund appreciates the partnership of New York City government to enable grantees to implement neighborhood-level anti-poverty efforts.

The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity is a member of the Change Capital Fund, represented on the collaborative by Kate Dempsey, Director of Strategy & Operations. The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) is supporting CCF grantees’ ability to access wage and employment data. This research will enable the grantees to learn about their participants’ trajectory and outcomes over time, helping the nonprofits to assess and improve their programming. MDRC is working with NYC Opportunity and CCF to facilitate data access and help grantees analyze the data. This data-driven research is fully consistent with NYC Opportunity’s approach to addressing poverty.

“CCF grantees are demonstrating that the individuals they serve are achieving transformative outcomes. Their work includes the kind of evidence-based strategies that the administration can further in other places. What else can we ask for in a partnership!,” says Kate Dempsey.

Change Capital Fund is a member of the Mayor’s Nonprofit Resiliency Committee, which was created to offer opportunities for collaboration and to expand lines of communication between the City and the nonprofit human service sector.  CCF fully supports these efforts to fully realize the potential of the nonprofit sector to achieve the mutual goals of the City and the nonprofit sector.

We have been privileged to engage with several City agencies, particularly the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, the largest funder for most of our current grantees.

CCF continues to look for opportunities to work with the City to strengthen neighborhood-focused organizations that are increasing economic mobility in high-poverty areas.