Cypress Hills LDCCypress Hills Local Development Corporation is building a strong, sustainable Cypress Hills/East New York for youth and adults. Each year, over 9,000 local residents participate in the organization’s programs, which include affordable housing development, community-based planning and sustainability initiatives, housing counseling, community organizing, youth development, and education, employment and college access programs.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation’s Change Capital Fund grant is supporting the expansion and integration of programs for affordable housing and job development, and the continuity of educational services from kindergarten through college.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation (CHLDC)’s CCF-funded initiative focuses on expanding and integrating programs for affordable housing and job development, and expanding the continuity of youth services from kindergarten through college.  Two key programs include: the CHAMPION Network, which works closely with businesses in the transportation and logistics sector to train, place, and support young adults; and College Success Programs, which provide counseling and support services starting in high school and continuing throughout college to ensure college graduation.

Photo: Maria Belford


Wanderlin's story

Wanderlin went from temp agency to temp agency looking for work without success for more than a year. Positions didn’t come up often enough, and when they did, they were far from her home. But Wanderlin’s sister-in-law, who lives in the same Brooklyn neighborhood, had help finding work through Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, and convinced Wanderlin she should see if they could help her, too.

After getting assistance with her resume and participating in CHLDC’s career coaching, Wanderlin began applying for jobs. In early May 2015, she started working at a Jamaica Hospital clinic, where she schedules appointments for patients and checks their health benefits.

“If CHLDC didn’t help me, I don’t know where I would be right now,” Wanderlin said.

As part of their outreach, Cypress Hills program coordinators maintain regular contact with clients after they are placed in positions, to ensure the position continues to be a good fit and that things are running smoothly. Wanderlin has a check-in about every two weeks.

“They don’t just give you a job and then forget about you,” Wanderlin said.